Wednesday, October 26, 2005

bruce sings background as trouble brews in paradise

Monday evening I indulged my affection of the man that's referred to as
THE BOSS. After making many arrangements with friends and spouse (note,
no reference to my beloved since he has to prove to me again that he is
my beloved)... I was dropped off at the local coliseum where I was to
pick up our floor seats and wait for my spouse and friend to park the
car. It was a rainy, cold night. There was no line and I had our
tickets in my hand within 5 minutes.

I waited for spouse and company. and waited. and waited. There was an
overhang where I could stand out of the rain with other cold, wet Bruce
lovers. We compared shows we'd attended and lamented that we hadn't
made better plans with the people we were hooking up with. After an
hour of pacing the coliseum thinking there might be another WILL CALL
window he showed up with his buddies. They had been across the street
drinking in a bar. I tried to shelf my disappointment and rage aside so
I could enjoy the show but it never really went away completely. Bruce
did his best. He captured my heart and took it places it needed to go
with his rendition of The River and Darkness on the Edge of Town. He
made fun of Cheney, compared keyboard skills with Bruce Hornsby and
generally made fun of Carl Rove who is now waiting for his
indictment... (Halleleuya!) And it was great!

Then I had to go home with a man who left me waiting in the rain for an
hour so he could drink two beers with his college roomate. He didn't
KNOW I was outside but didn't KNOW I was inside either (never mind that
WILL CALL windows are ALWAYS didn't occur to him to look
out for me or check on me or anything. He was right across the street.
I should have given his damn ticket away and gone in and sat with a
stranger. If there is ever a next time he should know that I won't
hesitate doing just that. In the meantime I am trying to get over my
disappointment in a man I have sworn to love, honor and protect. Didn't
he take the same vow?